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Superb venue facilities for hire in the heart of the City of London.

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Furniture Makers' Hall, was built in 1882 by E A Gruning, although the style is a lot earlier. The doorcase, for instance, is in a style popular in 1700. The original tenants were Fruhling and Goschen, a banking house founded in Leipzig that had come to London sometime around 1800 and it was a George Goschen that actually began work on the building in 1853. He was later to become 1st Viscount Goschen, MP for the City of London, a director of the Bank of England, First Lord of the Admiralty twice, President of the Royal Statistical Society, Chancellor of Oxford University, and Chancellor of the Exchequer for five years from 1887-1892.

When London was hit by German bombing in 1940, the damage to number 12 was mostly superficial with damage to the windows and the front of the building. Contrast this with the church across the street which, having stood since 1350, was completely destroyed.

Furniture Makers' Hall, 12 Austin Friars, London, EC2N 2HE, UK
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